Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why, Isn't That Just....Something!

"Stumbled across this image," wrote one gentle reader. "Might be fun for your blog."  Said image was this:

My first thought was "Yuck!" and I was just going to delete it, but then as I was trying to fall asleep tonight, I was besieged by unanswered questions.  First being, how did this dear reader "stumble across" this image?  Was he looking up "giant papier mache-looking vaginas" and this was but one of the search results?  Or had he been searching for "giant baginas" and a sudden typo sent him in this shocking direction?

What was the creative process that yielded the gigantic V?  Did the artist use a model for her piece, or did she just sort of go on memory?  If there was a model, was she pleased with the jumbo sized 3-D rendition of her wang?  Was she bragging to passersby that the big V was based on her own much smaller (one would certainly hope) V?

And how did the artist get this piece to this street anyway?  Did she rent a U-Haul or just tie it to the roof of her car, like a hunter with a dead deer?  There seems to be a wheel attached to the whole contraption, which we won't even address because, at this point, that's the least of our worries.

And finally, and I know I shouldn't bring this up at all, but look at the artist's face--she looks quite displeased, like something unpleasant is near.  Now, now, does a certain giant papier-mache-looking V need a little freshening up?


Sara said...

All I am thinking about is her hat, and that screams "Odd Nerdrum".

Google him. It could explain a lot. said...

Yeah, she does look rather distraught to be standing in front of her giant vagina. That's curious.
I'm a new follower. Love your humor. Hope you'll come by Life by Chocolate too.

Katy said...

I once went to Halloween in the (SF) Castro with someone dressed as a bloody tampon. We were in a lot of photos that night.