Friday, April 30, 2010

Warning: This Friday Mail Bag Contains An Awkward Moment

Kim of Long Beach, winner of the Club Vibe from our favorite female-friendly sex toy company, Good Vibrations, was delighted to receive her new toy. "I got it!  I tried it!  I love it!!" she wrote.  (Quick back story for those who just got here:  The Club Vibe vibrates in response to sound and can be hooked up to a music player to pulse along with the beat or set to respond to ambient noise, such as the sound of "a lover's voice," night club music, or--I don't know--"The Price is Right."  So discreet is this darn thing that women are reportedly wearing it as they go on their daily errands. I might have suggested that if you saw Kim about town, you should assume that she too was wearing it and you should most definitely direct some comments in the direction of Kim's crotchal region (in a deep booming voice, natch) to get the thing going. I might have further suggested that you could go all out and do a whole Peter Frampton voice-box guitar solo thing ala Frampton Comes Alive!)

ANYHOW, dear Kim mentioned the directing-comments-below-the-belt notion in her status update on Facebook. That weekend she went to the Tijuana orphanage where she volunteers and, well, I'll let her explain: "People I really don't know very well started talking to my crotch." I sooooo hope she writes back to tell us all what, exactly, these semi-known people from a foreign land said to her, er, you know. (For more on the "you know," please see The Land Down Under post).  If you're looking to get a Club Vibe of your very own, click here.

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