Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Mail Bag

The mail's here! Let's see what our increasingly disgruntled postal worker has brought today.

(shown in photo: mail carrier nervously speeding away from our house)

One reader, reflecting upon the giant papier-mache-looking V in a previous post wrote, "There's something about the fact that it seems to be built onto a bicycle, and there's this bored, bizarrely-dressed woman standing there, like she's resting from a cross-Europe vagina awareness tour. Also, I wonder if maybe there are prizes inside." Egad!  Prizes? Like a pinata? Oh, but what would these "prizes" be?  I shudder to think.

Another reader reported that looking at In Bed With Married Women inspired a "night of love" with her husband (and, in all fairness, no, she did not use a phrase so icky as that). I am a little perplexed at what might have been the source of arousal. Was it the giant papier-mache-looking V, the treatise on the female condom, or, god forbid, the post on the anal ring toss game?  Perhaps she will be good enough to report back. This blog is about sex, but I don't know that it's horribly sexy. What do you think? Has In Bed affected your sex life, for good or for evil? E-mail us or pop a comment down there at the bottom of the post. (Attention Fellow Oldsters:  to comment, push the button there that says "comment" and a form should pop up for you.)

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Belinda said...

On more than one occasion, I have gotten strangely excited while reading this blog. It wasn't any specific item that was discussed or advertised so much as the openness of sexuality that is going on here.
The d.h. will be writing you soon if you don't keep the blogs coming often enough.