Friday, April 16, 2010

We Have Our Winner!

"YIPPIE!!!!!" wrote Kim from Long Beach, CA, using 5 exclamation points to convey her joy upon learning she was the lucky winner of the Club Vibe from Good Vibrations. You may recall that the Club Vibe responds to sound and can be hooked up to a music player to pulse along with the beat. It can also be set up to vibrate in response to ambient noises, such as the sound of "a lover's voice," night club music, Bill Moyers on PBS...whatever does it for you.
You may also recall, as I most certainly do, that users were reporting that the Club Vibe is so discreet that they were wearing it everywhere, even to most assuredly unsexy destinations like the grocery store.

What I glean from all this is that we should all assume Kim from Long Beach could be wearing her new Club Vibe AT ANY TIME and we should all behave accordingly.  If you happen to see her about town, you might direct some lively comments to her crotchal region to get the device going.

Or if you really want to show her the love, feel free to perform a vocal guitar solo, talk box-style, ala Peter Frampton, circa Frampton Comes Alive! (one exclamation point) toward her nether regions. It's just plain good manners.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I got it! I used it! I loved it!! Thank you!!!