Monday, January 3, 2022

Happy New Tears!

U up?
"Happy New Tears!" texted my old friend in what turned out to be an oddly prescient typo. 

On New Year's Eve, I think we all imagine a glorious new future with less fucked-up versions of ourselves who publish books, do yoga and finally quit (insert vice here). It's the same kind of magical thinking that makes me think that, despite all apparent evidence, I will somehow not actually die and that's something that applies to other people. (Sorry everyone else!)

But what if the new year really is gonna be a bunch of new tears? Until this year (and 2016 obviously), I had never actually considered this very probable possibility. And I'm 56 fucking years old!

So far this year I have seen a really important relationship end and, in an unrelated incident, shat my pants in a hotel in Gilroy, California. This was just by January 2nd. (I also got a iced coffee at Starbucks that had disturbing almond milk in it that was somehow simultaneously curdled and weirdly heavy, but that seems less important here, though possibly related.)  

My point is that, hell, this year will probably have some tears. I've been crunching the numbers and it seems pretty darn likely. So what are we to do? IDK, enjoy what we can, while we can? 

In that spirit, I am now the proud owner of a MALM bed from IKEA that has two giant-ass storage drawers under it. Those drawers are filled--filled, I say!--with brand new sex toys that need to find their way into your secret storage space, or whatever you're calling your butt/pussy/various and sundry holes these days. (If you're new here, people send these to me even though I can only have sex with so many items, despite valiant efforts.)

The deal is this: Tell me thing(s) what you want and I will send it to you for the cost of shipping, plus, if you can (yes), a tip for gas/assuaging my embarrassment over mailing boxes of sex toys. You can also request that I just fill a box with random stuff for you. LMK what you're into and you'll get a box o' sex stuff. My email is (My Paypal is and my Venmo is @jill-hamilton-123.) Shipping alone for a medium sized priority box is $15.50, large is $21.90. Small single items are usually less than 10 bucks. You can also skip me entirely and buy anything through the links (if there's no *, the blog gets a cut.)

Anyway, let me know if any of these strike your fancy. (And yes, I know that I've just become a sex toy giver away blogger, but that's gonna change during this bright new year! Unless, you know, more fucking tears,)

Oh, and two other things:

-I was named one of the top Sex Blogging Superheroes by the glorious despite rarely even actually writing, so even more impressive!

--Some guy donated $20 to my blog (thanks guy!), then a few months later emailed "Could you please tell me what I purchased for $20 on Oct. 12 because I have no idea? It could you please do this ASAP, also?"  He did not ask for a refund, even though I offered him one. Perhaps he realized the true wisdom of fugue state purchases. 

So. The first item deserves a special mention because it was the first thing I had to hide from the workmen who were in my house and because they had a Christian fish sticker on their truck, I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that they didn't want to see that I was in possession of a....

15 INCH DARK RIDER DILDO, a truly massive dick that I, honestly, can see no practical use for. But if you want him to be yours, he can!  

My less glorious/alarming, but still mighty fine offerings are:

--BlueMotion Nex3 remote-control couples ring so new, I don't think it's widely available. 

--Eve's Twirling Rabbit Vibrator

--Royal Rabbit Warming Vibrator

--Womanizer Original (these are good, real good)

--Eve's Clit Tickling Rabbit

--Zalo Bess Clitoral Vibrator*

--Zalo Unicorn Suction Set*

--Zalo Rose Series Rose Vibrator*

--Sweetheart swirl glass dildo

--Metal bullet vibe, and another one

--Hands Free Shower Bunny (I cannot find this anywhere online but it's a sizable waterproof rabbit vibrator that sticks to a shower wall via suction cup)

--Rechargeable dual entry vibe (w/ remote control)  

--Nixie waterproof 10 function vibe


Coupley stuff

--Wild weekend couples toy kit (look for yourself)

--Vibrating anal bead stick 


Stuff Penises (Peni?) Might Like

--Adam's Tight Stroker with Massage Beads 

--Intensity Power Stroker

--Penis extension with ball strap in extremely Black or oddly shiny Caucasian 


 Lingerie that fits if you have big boobs like me

--Super cute Lovehoney Twilight Rose Black Lace Babydoll Set (Even better, comes in size 1X/2X)

--Flower lace baby doll and thong (plus size!) 

--Fifty Shades of Grey Captivate Wine Chiffon Multiway Bra Set (size 1X/2X) 


Novelty vibes

--Candle Warming Vibrator Wand*

--Eggplant Emojibator (a wee bullet vibe)*

--Chickie Emojibator (Dunno, a little chick vibration suction thing???)*

--Queenie swan finger vibe*


Random stuff

 --An inflatable position pillow

--A Kegel Training Set

--After Dark, a game!

--Rechargeable Manscaping Kit and shave cream for any gender

Also sex candles that melt into massage oil, bondage rope, feather ticklers, bondage tape, blindfolds, sex wipes, lube including cherry and strawberry flavored. Can give you more info. Just ask.

Okay then, I have been doing tedious linking so long it's now dark and my legs are numb from sitting on the floor by the MALM. But I haven't shat myself today. Yet. 

I'll take it.

Thanks for listening.