Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here Are The Keys To The Blog. Keep An Eye On It, Will You? (And NO Parties.)

So my Internet is down, and I am thus forced to suckle at the corporate teat that is Starbucks' free wi-fi. ("Free" if you don't count the $3.95+tip drink that sits by my side.) I know, it's tragic. I can pause if you need to run and get a hankie. Anyhow, I can't leave the blog just sitting here. Could you take over and answer this question a lovely reader sent in? Why? A). As noted a couple of sentences ago--stay with me, man!--it is temporary arduous for me to attend to Internetish things. But mainly, B). I can barely unload my dishwasher, let alone solve someone's actual life dilemma. I am completely unqualified. But you, random Internet stranger, I am sure that you are fully credentialed in such matters. Will you give it a try?

Dear In Bed with Married Women,

I am in turmoil and I need your help! My husband and I have read many times that for the most sex and romance in a bedroom, you must not have a television in there. We took out our television with me imagining more frequent sex and cozy reading side-by-side, even some tantalizing conversation about the sexy books we were reading and sharing with each other.
Unfortunately, my husband still does not read much (I thought it would change with no t.v. in the boudoir). He falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. I, on the other hand, have a terrible time getting to sleep at night so I will be up reading alone for hours while constantly nudging him to stop his chronic snoring or I watch my dvr'd shows on t.v. the living room.
Well, needless to say, our sex life is worse than ever because I keep falling asleep on the couch in front of the television. I wasn't putting two-and-two together until he pointed out that we 'retire to the bedroom' (meant to be read in a deep, Tom Jones-kinda voice) at completely different times now. Before, we would both go in there and while my glorious television shows played in the background we would satisfy our desires; afterwards, my shows were still there waiting for me and he could sleep away (while I constantly nudged him to stop his chronic, ear-drum-busting, snoring). We both were happy.
Am I doing something wrong, or should I just put the television back in for some romance?
Tragically Yours,
Sexually Depraved TV Addict

So what do you think? My all-purpose advice is generally "walk it off," but I'm not sure it pertains here.  Got anything better for her? I think you do.


The Housewife said...

Put the t.v. back in!

The Husband and I have a t.v. in our bedroom, because he's an early sleeper, and I'm a night owl. That way, we can go to bed together.

Plus, we can turn it on, and use it as 'white noise' when we have company.

Donna ( . V . ) said...

I hate the T.v in our room as hubby watches that and does not pay attention to the "situation at hand"! Having 6 children in the home however the 'white noise' is useful.However my hubby will tend to head on back to the lounge room after we have completed our wonderful time together as he is not yet ready for bed LOL.

PUT IT BACK IN THE ROOM if it worked better in the 1st place
Good Luck

CA Heaven said...

Yes, put the TV back in ... and a DVD player and a computer too. Then you can show your man some pictures that will make him wake up, or you can simply read "In Bed with Married Women" together.

BTW, we have never had a TV in the bed room ... maybe we should get one too >:)

Cold As Heaven

Mrs Midnite said...

I'd put the TV back and watch it while he sleeps. Why not try some morning sex or nipping into the bedroom while he is still awake or just stick to in front of late night TV.

Anonymous said...

We don't have a TV in our bedroom, but I can't recall the last time we had sex either, so clearly that doesn't seem to work. Invite the TV back into your bedroom.

Anonymous said...

put the tv back in and have sex in the shower...

bogart4017 said...

If you were happy before you should have left the tv in the bedroom. I've had tv in the bedroom all my life. I'll tell you what--i found before i was married that it kinda helped with shy women. The kind that have to undress in the dark. With the light of the tv you can still kinda see what you wanna see. Put it back.