Monday, July 12, 2010

In Bed's Feeling Oddly Tasteful Today

Yes, it's pretty unheard of around here, but this contest does NOT involve a prize that you will have to hide in your secret "grown-ups" drawer. (Although we all know your secret drawer is the one next to the bed. You're not fooling anyone.) The Fancy Me Kit, courtesy of groovy sex toy company, Good Vibrations, is chockful of non-embarrassing stuff like bubble bath, a candle that magically turns into massage oil, a massage bar that melts on contact with skin, lovely lotions and whatnot. (To see "whatnot" defined in more useful terms, click the picture below.)

To win you must be the first to post the word, "Mine" as a comment under the most recent post on the In Bed With Married Women Facebook page.

Is the prize worth several seconds of arduous clicking, you wonder? Well, as you can see, it's a $36 value. That's two digits, my friend. And an independent reviewer on the Good Vibes site wrote, "If you're looking for a little romance and passion in your relationship, you should look no further than this fun little kit." (Note: this particular reviewer goes by the name "Muscle Squirt" and is, thus, maybe not the best source on issues of romance.)

Let's see, what else?
1. If you're paranoid about getting a package that says "HERE'S YOUR SEXY TOY DELIVERY, YOUR BIG PERV" in big red letters on it, fear not. Good Vibes mailed something to me and it was in a totally normal looking package with a vaguely British sounding return address. I could have been receiving a scone delivery for all anyone needed to know.
2. If you want to just order the thing yourself, no muss, no fuss, just click on the link above.

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