Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Where's Balldo? (He's under my bed with all the other toys)

Bozo could be cruel
When I was a kid growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, there was a local kids' show called Bozo The Clown. I remember nothing about it except at some point there was a game involving a Lazy Susan type thing with a few small paper bags on top. A lucky kid audience member would be blindfolded (it was the 70s, it was okay to do #$@$ like this), our local Bozo would spin the table and the kid would stick their hand into one of the bags. There within, they would find either a cool prize (don't remember what, probably Jarts or candy cigarettes or something--again, 70s) or--in a weirdly cruel addition to the game--they would plunge their hand into a big bag full of shaving cream, receiving nothing but public humiliation.  

I, however, am kinder than your local Bozo (and yes, there were many Bozos. That's when we had a strong middle class and a robust market for Bozos in every town.) As your local Bozo today, I will not be wearing clown make-up for you, but I do have pretty jacked up hair and a whole bunch of prizes, only one of them shaving cream.

And the best part is, you get to look in the bag and see what's in there first. Any humiliation you happen to suffer will be in private.

What I'm getting at is that is that the drawer on my IKEA Malm bed is again filled to the brim with sex toys that companies have sent me. I cannot fuck them all--some are duplicates, some I lack the requisite body parts and/or general moxie to have relations with them.

Want some?  Here's how it works:

--Pick out what you'd like (multiple choices are fine--I'll fill a whole damn box for you if you want.). 

--You pay for shipping, plus a tip for gas/the fact that I am mailing sex toys at my post office in broad daylight. Shipping alone for a USPS priority medium box is $16.10, large is $21.50. My PayPal is and my Venmo is @jill-hamilton-123.  

--Crossed out items are no longer available.

--If you use a link on a listing with an asterisk to buy something on your own, the blog gets a wee cut, which I will immediately waste on Coke Zero.  

Here's what I have:

First, the lovely and generous folks at Adam and Eve sent me a big-ass box of their top-selling toys, many of which I can personally recommend. (These particular toys are still virgins, fear not.)

--*Clone-A-Willy, a kit so you can make a vibrating silicone replica of your dick. It's in "light" skin tone, so if you're darker than that, you're gonna be fucking with a white dick. They do sell darker ones though. Black dicks matter.   

--*Fleshlight Go Surge, a nicely heavy penis masturbator. It's for "the man on the go, leading a fast paced lifestyle," but I imagine it still works if you're just lying around in your bed jerking off, again. 

--*Satisyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator, these pulse-y clitoral vibrators are pretty fucking great.  

--*Eve's Rechargeable Thrusting Rabbit, just have to lie back and be ravished

--*Eve's Petite Private Pleasure Wand, it's small but super versatile and powerful. One of my favorites, not that you asked.

--*Magic Wand Rechargeable, the original "personal massager" 

--*Satisfyer Breathless, a smaller air pulse clit vibrator, plus vibration

--*Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager, small, quality wand for all the groinal enrichment you require.

--*Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator, if you're from several years ago

--*Sports Sheets Under the Bed Restraint System, because someone is in for it. 

Here's what ELSE I've got, as I'm just now uncomfortably realizing that I am indistinguishable from a sex toy hoarder.

Penis toys:

--Two Adam's Penis Extenders with ball strap, in both "realistic" and "fantasy." I don't think these models are available any more, but they look like this. Plus one plain ol' Adam's Extension

Butt stuff:

--*Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads, for your booty bliss needs.

--*Three Hearts Gem Anal Plug Set, in metal, small, medium and large. Bliss factor unknown. 

--*Rechargeable Dual Entry Vibe/ w remote, double penetration without the social awkwardness

--*Adam's Glass Prostate Massager, pretty much what it says in the name there


--*Eve's Thrusting Rabbit with Orgasmic Beads, even has a turbo mode.

--Eve's Bliss Vibrator, a rabbit vibe that is no longer available but it's akin to this.

--Bess Clitoral Vibrator, it's pokey!

--Unicorn set, a small three-piece set with a little clit suction vibe, a thruster and a vibrator.

--Tingle all the Way Christmasy bullet vibe, if you don't care what holiday your bullet vibe celebrates

--Emojibator Eggplant Vibrator, wee vibrator shaped like the eggplant emoji


--*Eve's Ultimate Thrusting Strapless Strap-On, you fuck someone and the vibrator fucks you--just lots of things getting fucked. 

--*Inflatable Position Pillow, get things where they need to go

--*Tickled Pink Babydoll, lingerie in size L/XL 

--Blindfold, fox fur body tickler, a feather teaser and some bamboo silk rope 

--*Manscaping kit

--*After Dark board game, hey man, it's rated 4 stars

--Coochy Shave Cream (SEE????) and after shave protection spray, lip gloss (for...couples--dunno what that means), massage oil w/ CBD, massage oil in "sugar" scent

Lube (OMFG. So. Much. Lube)

--Wicked Ultra Heat silicone lube, Wicked Sensitive, Wicked Simply Aqua, Wicked Hybrid, flavored lubes (birthday cake, cotton candy, cherry, strawberry)

*deep breath*

--Anal lube, warming anal lube, Lube for toys in regular, warming and cooling, and some silicone lube, lots of water-based lube, a silicone-water hybrid. Also two kinds of CBD-infused pleasure gels/oils, this one and this one.

Let me know what you want.



PS Last time I inadvertently sent a package to a man's home address, instead of his secret mistress's address. Which was bad. So yeah. I am changing lives with my work. What are you doing with your One Precious Life?