Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did You Know There Are Three Types of Female Orgasms? Yes, Three

"I have a secret guilty pleasure of reading Playboy," writes a female reader from California. "The feminist in me screams, 'Wrong! This is wrong!' but I love the articles. I swear -- no pages stuck together in my copies!" This stealth girlie mag reader had sent a (non-sticky) Playboy link to alert me to the important and well-appreciated news of the woman with the world's strongest vag (see also: Another Personal Life Goal Dashed) but what I found even more fascinating was the article accompanying it.

In Kim Anami's The Multi-Orgasmic Woman, she explains the Taoist belief in three types of female orgasms, describes what they each are like and how to get there. If you're too lazy to click the link (and, girl, that is truly lazy), I'll break it down for you. The three types -- clitoral, G-spot and cervical -- are akin to a series of gates that need to be entered in progression for a women to enter "an ecstatic state of arousal." Ecstatic state of arousal sounded a lot more interesting than my back-up plan of laundry-folding, so this was something I wanted to learn more about.

If you or your woman has ever had an orgasm (and if not, put it on the to-do list--stat!) it was probably the clitoral. This is the easiest type to achieve, but also the more superficial.  Freud, maddeningly, was right, and there is a deeper (in both senses of the word) kind of vaginal orgasm that comes from stimulation of the G-spot.  The nerves on the clitoris (and here is the point where I will stop using the word "clitoris") are concentrated and external, while the pelvic nerves are deeper and more spread out, creating "a more generalized, deeper sensation," writes Anami.

The third type is the cervical orgasm, which is kind of like the Big Foot of orgasms, rumored and sometimes observed, but not verified by science. This is the deepest and most transcendent orgasm of them
all. I will let Anami describe it because I, shamefully, have not "been through the third gate," so to speak (and now that I know there IS one, boy, am I miffed!):
When I try to describe what a cervical orgasm is like, I tell people it’s like being on ecstasy. It’s a whole-body shimmer, a high that spreads out so everything feels delicious and I radiate for days afterward. Every touch, every word, every interaction becomes exquisite.
Uh, did I mention I was miffed? This morning I got coffee with friends, which was fun and all, but there was no "whole-body shimmer" involved--I'm quite sure of it. But what about you? Have you experienced the mysterious cervical orgasm? How many "orgasmic gates" have you been through? And do you think that Orgasmic Gates sounds more like the name of a fancy retirement community or a sketchy clothing-optional commune? Do tell.


Katy K. said...

where is the share button when you need it? i went to a women's college and even i didn't know about this! thank god for ibwmw.

Jill Hamilton said...

there's a share button in the right hand margin, although it's for the whole site, i think.

Unknown said...

I don't think I can get the image of "the Big Foot of orgasms" out of my mind. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm like you Jill -- having experienced the first two types, and the g-spot orgasm is usually at its strongest right after having had the clitoris orgasm. But the third? I want that!! I have had maybe a handful of orgasms in my sleep though -- the first when I was only about 12 years old. Oddly, those have been the most powerful of all. But, they are rare.

Candycan said...

sorry, but the third orgasm description seems a bit vague to me... i have had some orgasms which made me feel waves of something amazing flowing through my entire body right to my feet and head... does this only happen in the third orgasm scenario? Cos if so then I've had that, but strangely, through just masturbating my clitoris, so you'd think that would just be the clitoral orgasm, which is supposed to be the least intense, but felt better to me than orgasms through Gspot stimulation. Now I am really confused. If the third one isn't referring to these waves I've felt, then what the heck is it referring to?

Anonymous said...

WOW ! I am really confused. I have always thought I had G-spot orgasms,just really intense ,maybe multiples? Yet, the cervical one sounds just like mine ? Have I been having cervical ones...hmm..if so then have I also been having G-spot ones?Mine don't happen in one spot?They go everywhere.Oh', and whatever expert said 95% of women can not feel a Q-tip?I assume she meant like a pap smear.Well, I can feel that.I am going to have to study on this?

Anonymous said...

Alright,I have studied it a few moments and....firstly, like the lady above my comment,I really enjoy the clitoral climax.The clitoris does have more nerves than anywhere else on the body(female or male),so it makes sense they would be easier to achieve and feel great.Secondly,if (and this is just hypothetical)you were much smaller than say you're husband would definitely touch the cervix.??

Bob said...

Some women like cervical contact others dont. Orgasms can be had from that, but I do not believe it is the key to your "third" type.

The orgasm described sounds to me like the Tantric orgasm or "Whole Body" orgasm. I have had lovers describe it as filling their torso with waves from top to bottom and sometimes a sensation like having their head swell and explode (but ecstatically pleasant!)... They can even feel it in there limbs.

Whole Body for ladies usually follows multiple vaginal (G-spot) orgasms. In the Tantric tradition, your threshold to this type of orgasm can be lowered by practicing Kundalini Yoga or any other yoga that results in practiced chakra openings. Tantra teaches chakram act sort of like valves along your spinal channel for the Kundalini (orgasmic) energy and in most of us they are somewhat rusty or blocked. Powerful orgasms can "blast them open". Or yoga can lubricate the mechanism so less intensity need be achieved to feel the really Big Os.

Males can get there too fortunately, mostly by suppressing their orgasm during sex for lengthy periods before releasing. So to keep abusing mechanical allegory, suppressing is like winding a spring tighter and tighter or building pressure. And the orgasm that follows will be much stronger and may be enough to open chakra and feel it "whole body". Or, to the yoga practitioner, less intensity will suffice.