Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Would you, could you, in a boat?

Do you talk, really talk, about your sex life with your friends?

As research for my book, I have been asking women this very question--yes, you would be wise to avoid me on the school yard--and have found that it's split about 50/50.  Some women have told me that they know a lot, maybe even too much, about their friends' sex lives.  Others would sooner strip naked at the PTA meeting than discuss anything like that.

Yeah, sex is beautiful and personal and all that, but why are some of us so loathe to talk about it?  I just happen to have a theory/manifesto about that.  See it for yourself right here.


Anonymous said...

i know a great deal about my friends sex lives. it seems to be something that a fair number of the gals i hang out with are open about. interestingly in my profession as a massage therapist (holistic massage!!!) many married women will talk very candidly about their sex lives.

Anonymous said...

My 2 best friends and I know a LOT of detail regarding each others' sex lives... Two of us are women and one is a gay man. I think its great to have people to speak openly and honestly about sex with!