Thursday, March 18, 2010

What does this say about the state of married sex? I don't know, but it doesn't seem good.

I am plagued by unanswered questions about this Tweety Bird found on a nightshirt at KMart. What's with the jutting out hip? Is Tweety trying to be sexy? If so, is this designed to inflame the passions of a lover? And if your lover is indeed inflamed by the provocative Tweety, isn't that a problem of its own? Your input, please.


Janet Schriever said...

Unsexy is an understatement. If you had the bad taste to think that Tweety could possibly be sexy, or even cute, you are probably not having sex. Grown women wearing cartoon characters of any kind under any circumstances, should be shot down by the fashion police.

Anonymous said...

Janet - you are so right!!!

Tweety is a total woody-wilter, and any girl with even a tiny drop of erotica flowing through her veins should avoid cartoon character night wear at all costs.

Unless, of course, you're avoiding married sex. Then, by all means, slip into a little Sylvester and slink away with a good book.

Jill Hamilton said...

this tweedy-as-avoidance theory crossed my mind as well! it's the only answer that makes any sense at all

DeliaDelish said...

What? No comments from Furries?