Thursday, November 10, 2011

Someone Who Actually Used The Female Condom!

A reader over at Dan Savage's column in The Stranger recently linked to this IBWMW reader letter. Upon re-reading it, I loved it again so much that here is it again, showing up at your doorstep, no worse for the long trip. Take it in and give it a good home will you?

Not only is this letter about the female condom, which as faithful readers will recall, I am unduly obsessed with, but it is also stunningly well-written. (Also, non-irrelevantly, I am home with a sick child today and can't be sitting around writing about wieners all day.)

The reader, let's call him B, was good enough to report back to us on his experience with the female condom. I love it especially because he uses the phrase "from a purely penile perspective." Writes B:

"With a regular condom, men lose all the direct friction on the penis, which is, of course, why so many guys hate using them. With the female condom, all the friction and sensation comes back (for the male), but the feeling is still very different from regular no-condom sex, because of what the penis is actually rubbing against: a urethane sheath. Urethane feels nothing like skin, and is also very different from latex… more Saran Wrappy, really.

Maneuvering the penis through the ring-opening is fun, like an accuracy game, and it requires the help of fingers, which most people will probably find lacking in the romance department. But hey, when there’s a plastic ring dangling out of a person’s vagina, it ain't gonna be a scene outta Jane Austen.
Note: Not a scene from
"Pride and Prejudice"
Once the penis is safely inside, a lot of the things you’ve grown to expect from penetration are the same: the pressure and the warmth are as they should be. But then there’s this strange, unfamiliar texture, like your penis is now gripped by something that’s smoother and more plastic than you're used to. From a purely penile perspective, it’s a bit like having sex with a warm, tight sandwich bag. But that’s just a best guess, of course. I’ve never gotten it on with food wrapping, honestly.

I will admit that the sensation was actually exciting as a novelty. Everything else about my girlfriend was the same, but her vagina felt noticeably different. She was 98% human and 2% love doll, and that was a bit of a turn-on, as if she’d swapped out her sex part for something new… not better, but at least different and maybe a tad futuristic.

Blame it on all those nerve endings that make intercourse so penis-centric for guys, but even with all the other stuff that’s going on during sex, there’s no disguising that what you’re feeling down in the thrusting zone isn’t really an au- natural vagina, but something “other.”

So, yeah. Warm, tight, and plasticky.

It’s not a feeling I’d want every time, and it would definitely get to be a drag if it was the default birth control method. But as a one-off experiment, it was enjoyable and memorable."


Anonymous said...

We tried the female condom, too. I tried it with my husband and then with our playmate. Both men said it was more satisfying than using a regular condom, but yes, were rubbing against an unnatural sheath, rather than inside a real vagina. Basically, better than being bound in a male condom, but not as good as bareback.

For my experience, I found it sort of deadened sensation a bit and also caused a bit of anxiety. My husband was able to slide into my vagina next to the condom, rather than in it, and neither of us immediately noticed. So, I was extra-careful about making sure that our playmate was entering the condom when entering me.

I will say that a good partner applying the condom is very sexy... basically getting fingered. Probably similar to the sexiness that can be achieved by a good partner applying a male condom for the man.

Despite the fact we have more female condoms still, we seem to just stick with the male condoms. How much of that preference is based on familiarity rather than virtue of one form versus the other, I am not quite sure.

Valerie said...

My BF and I have been using a female condom for anal. It's a lot more comfortable for me and he keeps his dick clean. We throwaway the internal ring and lube up the condom and my ass. Just have to be careful to not having it pushed all the way in by too much thrusting. I control him by getting on top, reverse cowgirl works best for us.

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