Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Search Of Elusive Third Type Of Orgasm

Our large and unfairly good-looking staff here at In Bed With Married Women has been combing the countryside doing up to several minutes of top-quality research on the elusive third type of orgasm, the cervical orgasm. We were about ready to toss it in, especially after our beloved science/sex writer Mary Roach mentioned in her book Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex that the cervix is so insensitive that 95% of women can't even tell when it is being rubbed with a Q-Tip. (A tip for gentlemen: you might want to rethink that plan of trying to woo your lady with a vigorous session of cervical Q-Tip rubbing.)

But then this message came in, totally screwing up our rigid worldview. Reports this lovely reader, who but of course, wishes to remain anonymous:
Hi Jill- To answer your question about the cervical orgasm- I HAVE experienced them. I used to assume it was a "double orgasm" meaning clitoral and G-spot at the same time (that's how someone described it to me once). But the older I get and the more I experience them the more I know that it is a third, totally different type of orgasm! The only way that I can describe it is instead of feeling like a particular SPOT is having an clitoris or G-spot, it's like your entire vaginal area is consumed by orgasm and it radiates outward. It releases AMAZING endorphins. I would almost say that it makes you feel high in a very natural way. Now I wouldn't say that I shake for days or anything, but the thought of it the next day will give me a little shiver and my mood for days is impenetrable- all smiles and laughs! They are very few & far between, and quite honestly I have not yet learned how to make myself achieve them ... (wish I could!)
This description is so utterly unlike my day thus far--what with its grocery store trips and whatnot--that I might need to take a moment to go sit in the corner and cry. That said, I have heard many women around
my age (35 and up, me being firmly in the "and up" category, if you must know) saying that as they've aged, they are having way better orgasms and/or having G-spot orgasms for the first time. Has this been true of you? Is it due to being more relaxed? More in touch with our bodies? Having better access to ergomonic toys? (see this week's contest to see how to win such a toy...) I did read somewhere (Hey, research staff, look this up, stat!) that as a women ages, her vaginal walls thin. It would stand to reason that thinner walls might make for easier stimulation of the G-spot and thus more possibility of a G-spot orgasm. (It also occurs to me that it is pretty damned geeky to be discussing sex with phrases like "it would stand to reason.")

Anyway, is it too impertinent to ask what's going on with you in this department? Share your story and we can all muddle through this together.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Not fair!!!

Anonymous said...

I think i experience a similar thing. There is a point deep inside the vagina which is definitely not related to clitoris. I did not orgasm from that point yet but even just stimulating that point makes me feel great for a couple of days. During stimulation my whole body tingles and I feel high in a very positive way :). The effect of clitoral stimulation is regional but cervical stimulation affects my whole body.

Anonymous said...

AS we get older, we also are less concerned about how we look when screamin', whoopin', full heartedly ENJOYING mind-blowing sex. And in spite of the fact that I am VERY leery of any "study" that insists women must feel XYZ type of stimulation (who writes them things anyway??) I do know that deeper *is* a lot more different. And I may have hit upon the 3rd gate with the most amazing Hitachi Magic Wand. Wow...

Anonymous said...

glad i found this... i am 38 and i had one of these last night. i told my husband i had no idea what that was-- and he was an awe about how *loud* i was (i am usually very quiet...just a breather...)
the only way i could describe it to him was that it felt like an orgasm that started above my chest and overtook my entire body, and it was like everything went white. i told him it was like my spirit split and was in him and myself at the same time. that was the most intense experience i have ever had. i'm sure the neighbours agree LOL
i read about vaginal orgasms but those are what i normally have (i have vaginal orgasms way more often than clitoral orgasms) and i just knew there had to be something else.
it was so intense that afterwards i said "I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M AN ATHEIST!" HAHA

Anne said...

I'm 42 and, had one.

Most of the time I'd say I can feel my cervix do its dance at the end and, the focus of the pleasure is in my groin. I've never distinguished between vaginal and clitoral orgasms, its just one big heap of pleasure felt all over. But this one? Completely different.

For me I felt like I was lost in the orgasm and, floating above myself witnessing it happen all rolled into one. For lack of a better description I felt my uterus contract and, every contraction was slow and deep sending waves of pleasure up my stomach into my chest. It felt like the air was being forced from my lungs with every groan. I can be pretty noisy in bed, but this?

I've heard too that things get better with age. I'm not sure what the differences are for me, but I've gained a new erogenous zone that I didn't have a year, or so, ago; right above the mons pubis where the uterus and, bladder create that little bulge.

GSpot? I don't know. It feels a little more pleasurable there, deeper in feels even better still, but mostly rubbing that area makes me want to pee. I've never owned a gspot specific toy, but between the new erogenous zone and, this orgasm I think I should correct that post haste. I've read elsewhere (not sure where) that we might actually be involving the peritoneum in some way with this kind of orgasm.

I love Mary Roach, but the idea of a QTip touching my cervix makes me think of pap smears and, the itch I can't scratch that last for days. I think I'll pass.

Anonymous said...

I've had two of these, and each time it happened, I got pregnant. I was young when mine happened, too. Now that I'm older I have great orgasms, but not like that. Anybody else have crazy good orgasms when getting knocked up? Makes sense, as the cervix contracting can help draw sperm into the uterus and facilitate fertilization.

Also, please don't ever talk about q-tips and cervix-es in the same sentence ever again. thaaanks.

Mel said...

i know this is an old post, but thought you may still be interested in my comment.

Definitely three types of orgasm for me, possibly four.

Clitoral - easy to achieve if I'm a bit aroused. Can require a bit of mental focus. I got very good at these as a young teenager. I would watch the second hand on my alarm clock and compete against myself to reach orgasm more quickly. Feeling is pulsating in my vagina and tingly in the rest of my body. Feel relaxed and alert afterwards. Sometimes eager to have another one. These orgasms are okay during intercourse, and an adequate substitute if I realise I'm no going to achieve a deeper one.

G-spot - comes on quicker, much stronger sensation in the vagina, no tingling, no nice afterglow, disappointing and a rip-off. I avoid these if possible and feel annoyed if I have one by accident. They feel totally localised and therefore purely mechanical in nature.

Vaginal - these ones are nice. Similar to clitoral but with a great wave of warmth going through my body. Feels like the pulsating sensation is in my uterus as well as my vagina. Can achieve these during intercourse (p-in-v) and also whilst masturbating if I mentally focus on the inside of my vagina. Occasionally can have these just through fantasising, no touching. Also occasionally in dreams (I wake up as I come).

Deep vaginal - these are the best. Only during intercourse. The wave of warmth and tingling builds up a lot more and lasts for longer. Like a flash of sunshine starting in your chest. Mentally transported to another universe. Each time there is an internal vision of a bright colour or light. A bit dazed afterwards, usually in a nice way. These are the sort where each time you think about them for the next couple of days you experience some residual orgasm and your vagina pulsates and uterus contracts and you get a shiver through your body. Similar to a previous commenter, the most intense one of these organs I ever had was when I conceived my third child - at totally the wrong time of the month. More than three years later and I still remember being utterly transported by that orgasm.

in bed with married women said...

Mel, completely fascinating. glad you went ahead and commented on an old post!