Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Contest That Comes In A Plain Brown Wrapper

Win this lovely item! It's blue! Click "Read more" below to see how.

Alert the media! The new contest is here! Up for grabs: this nicely blue Butterfly Kiss Vibrator from female-friendly sex toy company Good Vibrations. The Butterfly Kiss is billed as a "starter vibrator," and though I'm not exactly sure what that means, it does make me curious, and a bit frightened, to see what an "advanced vibrator" might look like. It's also waterproof and designed to stimulate your G-spot (or her G-spot, if you do not own a g-spot yourself), perhaps leading to one or two of the three types of orgasms.

I'm not sure how much I like the imagery of a butterfly flitting around sensitive body parts, but I do like to imagine the person whose job it is to do marketing and visuals for the vibe ads. They were probably lying awake in bed fretting abut how to best present this vibe in its finest light (they have a demanding boss, you see). Should the vibe be shown splashing about in water to demonstrate its waterproof qualities, or perhaps in an epic battle scene facing down a recalcitrant G-spot? No and no. Seemingly at a creative impasse, our ad maker was struck with inspiration: The blue vibe set in nature as two real butterflies fly happily, seemingly unconcerned by the big blue newcomer in their midst. Yes, perfect!

Anyway, the contest: Round up the most people to "like" In Bed With Married Women's Facebook page and the vibe is yours. You have until exactly 12 noon, Pacific Standard Time, Saturday, June 12, so get to it.  If you don't want to recruit your friends to join In Bed like some wild-eyed cult leader, you can just buy the damn thing yourself by clicking on the picture. It's only 18 bucks and probably a hell of a lot of fun.

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Tim Grobaty said...

I believe you could open a bottle with that.