Monday, April 5, 2010

True Wife's Tale #2: "Mara," Former Wild Child Goes All Suburbia

Our second true wife's tale comes from the gorgeous Mara, who says, "I'm just a regular mom, incest survivor, recovering topless dancer." Now that she's fully ensconced in suburbia, the only tell to her racy past is her penchant for wearing heels with shorts.

Her only request on this interview:  "Just keep it real."  Well, Ms. Mara, consider it done.  Except that Mara isn't even her name.  And her husband now magically has a completely different job.  And a fake name.  (Lies!  I'm full of lies!)  I did let Mara pick her husband's new name. "How about Ken?" she said. "It sounds like a porn name." And that's a good a reason as any, I guess. Everything else in the story is true, btw, so be don't worrying your pretty little head about it.  To read Mara's story, click here.

For those who just joined us, True Wife's Tales are a place for women to tell the truth about what's really going on in their sex lives.  The idea being:  knowledge = power.  If you would like to tell your own story, click here, little missy.

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