Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Post: Sex With the Wife, A True Husband's Tale

Today I give you a post from Sex With the Wife, in which Mr. B chronicles his sex life (and the frequent lack thereof) with his wife. Here, let's let him explain:
This started as a place for me to bitch and moan about how awful my sex life is. A few months later my wife went into therapy for depression and messed up hormone levels, so this became a place for me to chronicle those problems. Now people have started to read the blog and I have found a whole community of guys who aren't having sex with their wives and still aren't cheating on them.  I guess I am just another guy frustrated at not having sex but is trying to be a man about it.
In "One Thing Leads to Another," Mr. B does manage to get lucky. What I like about this post is that it's about real married sex and from the guy's point of view, but also because Mr. B is so attuned to--and articulate on--the way his wife's body responds (or doesn't) to his ministrations.

Tuesday night was busy. The county fair is in town with all their death trap rides, and Tuesday was kids' wristbands night, where the rides are slightly cheaper than usual. I had a meeting in the evening, so my wife took all three kids to the fair. I met her there when my meeting was over, so she could take the three year old home and put her to bed. I stayed with the older two and let them go on rides until the fair shut down at 10pm. The whole family pretty much got to bed late and was groggy the next morning.

Wednesday was a good day of activity for me, although my wife needed a break. She was still in recovery mode from her traveling, so she took the morning off. In the afternoon she picked up her new work computer and spent the afternoon installing software on it and getting her files organized. I was working on various presentations and planning for the next school year. In the evening we were both unmotivated regarding dinner, so we went out for Mexican food. We dropped our oldest daughter off for a sleep-over and put the younger two to bed.

We were both tired, but I had complained to my wife that I always get an adrenaline surge when I get into bed with her. It doesn't matter how tired I am when I go to bed, as soon as I am in bed with her my hormones send a surge of energy through my veins. So when we got into bed, we chatted a little, and my wife asked me if I was tired or what. My response was that I could sleep if I had to, but I always have a different preference. So we opted for her to try reading her romance novel, while I spooned up next to her.

After a while I was just laying next to her trying to fall asleep, while enjoying having her close. Her vibrator was laying on my night stand, because I had finished recharging it the night before, so I got it out and just set it to its lowest speed and started using it on her gently. If she is reading her romantic literature, a little gentle stimulation is often welcome to help her get up to speed. But I was pretty sleepy, so mostly I just held it in place while lying next to her. I tried counting to fifty and then repositioning the bullet a little bit. I was just trying to be helpful until she took over with the vibrator.

She would shift her body every once in a while and rub her leg up against mine. I started using my other hand to stroke her leg gently. I traced the outline of her outer vaginal lips and teased her pubic hair. She wasn't really aroused, so I didn't want to push; I just wanted to maintain her interest. I was just trying to gently touch the skin, without getting into the sensitive inner lips, which don't respond as well to being touched before there is lubrication present. I can also judge the amount of blood flow to those lips by touch, which gives me a good judge of my wife's arousal level. They still felt rather limp and floppy, so I didn't want to go diving in where my fingers were unwelcome.

Once I notice a change in my wife's breathing along with more verbalization on her part, I decided to switch the setting on her vibrator from the lowest setting to the slow build. This is where the vibrator starts slow and builds up to the top speed over about 5 seconds and then repeats. My wife has mentioned how she enjoys this option for building arousal. I also repositioned myself more between her legs, so I could more effectively use both of my hands on touch her down there. I was kissing and licking her inner thigh while keeping the vibrator on her clitoral mound and using my other fingers to move her natural lubrication around. I was mostly trying to tease her and take it slow. My wife is pretty much lying on her back and reading (on her iPhone - so she can read in the dark) the whole time I am working on her.

I keep kissing closer to my wife's pubic hair and privates, but I really don't think that she wants oral sex tonight, so I am just working on building anticipation. I kiss one leg and then the other. I slide my tongue up and down her thigh. I keep expecting my wife to take over operating the vibrator, because usually I do a poor job of finding just the right spot. This time she is giving me enough feedback that I can get a sense of where she wants it. I am also working on moving it less and just letting it stay in one place for longer stretches of time.

My wife does make a decision to switch the setting on the vibrator from slow build to high gear. She leaves me in charge of the bullet, so I figure I must be doing something right. I keep getting closer and closer to kissing her directly on her kitty when I finally give in and start licking her down there. I always have a hard time balancing the vibrator with my tongue, because I want to lick where the vibrator is working. So I move the vibrator down low to the entrance while I lick and play with her clitoris. She is significantly aroused and responding to my touch. Her vag is open and ready for company, so I slide the bullet inside her canal. This brought a very favorable response from my love buddy as she felt those sensations on the inside. I continued to lick and taste her. Her natural lube was not as oily as when she is quite aroused, but adding my saliva to the mix certainly increased the slippery factor down there.

I had fun for quite a while licking and probing with my tongue, trying to be gentle and teasing and not forceful and invasive. At the same time I was keeping track of the bullet vibrator inside. I had a hold of it my the cord, but it was completely inside her. My wife switched off her book soon after the bullet when inside and was just taking in the sensations. I pulled the vibrator out from deep penetration and focused on the entry-way. These muscles seemed to be gripping tightly and responded to the push of the vibrator against them. Then I felt my wife's orgasm begin. I could feel the vaginal muscles contract around the bullet vibrator. I always enjoy feeling my wife's orgasms for myself. After a bit she pushed me away to let the orgasm proceed uninterrupted or distracted by my ministrations.

We hadn't removed any clothing during this whole process. Her night gown was still on, as were my pajamas. I stripped my clothes off and her top as well. She was incredibly relaxed and jelly-like. I suspect if I had let her she would have fallen asleep then and there. I laid on top of her and kissed her repeatedly (which is what I really enjoy most of all). Of course, between my erection and her lube I slid easily inside her. I pumped slowly in and out, trying to kiss her and experience her body. We switched to a lotus position, with me sitting cross-legged and her legs around my waist. This was a nice slow screw which I enjoyed. At the end I lay on my back with her atop, but I didn't last long in that position. I enjoyed being able to last longer than usual, because I hadn't really been receiving much stimulation until after her orgasm occurred.

She did seem quite pleased by the quality of the orgasm and how I had done pretty much all the work. She commented how I kept teasing her and teasing her until finally I got her off. I was pretty pleased with myself and how I was able to take my wife to the orgasm, even though she was tired and not especially excited about the idea at the start. I am really loving the sex now, but I think I need to give my wife a bit of a break for a bit. We have a romantic weekend planned next week, and I don't want her to be overwhelmed before we get there. I definitely want there to be some good sex there, so it would help if she had a little desire and wanting at that time.

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