Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Can the "Rule of Thumb" determine how you have an orgasm? Let's see!

So could you take a moment, grab a mirror and stick your fingers in your pants for me?

I'm asking because my post about Princess Bonaparte and her tenacious efforts to figure out why the hell she couldn't come via fucking alone is running right now over on the Good Vibes blog.

Basically, Bonaparte discovered that the distance of the clitoris from the vagina determines the likelihood that a woman can have an orgasm from intercourse alone. Clit close (less than an inch) = easy coming.  Clit far (inch plus) = break out the heavy artillery.

I was thinking about this because my friend Janet, she of the exceptional ass, hosted a marathon showing of Gigoloslast weekend. It's a supposed reality show about male gigolos working in Las Vegas. Beside the shock my cable-less self found at them showing people, like, actually fucking, on TV, I was also struck by how many of these supposed customers ended up getting a porn style rapid-fire fucking. In the eps I saw (an embarrassingly high number I must admit), I saw no vibrator use, no mouth pleasuring and just a wee bit of finger stroking.

Is the fuck-pound what these women really wanted? Or, were these particular gigolos just kinda bad at figuring out what women want/need? Or was the reality show fake, with producers just creating sex scenes that they thought women would request?

Because, according to those randy fuckers over at ABC News, about 75% of women never reach orgasm through intercourse alone. That's right, I said Never.

Now, nothing wrong with a good fuck pounding, but it makes me want to do some unscientific research. (The fuck pounding itself doesn't make me want to do research--I'm not that nerdy.*--but the prevalence of all of these clients supposedly requesting it.)

Which brings me back to that finger in your pants? Do me a solid and measure the distance between your clit and your vagina (your vagina in the true, non-vulvaish sense.) An inch is about the distance between the tip of your thumb and the first knuckle.

Let's do some research!

This is what I need:
--Tell me if your clit-vag distance is more than an inch, less than an inch, or about an inch?
--Tell me if you come easily, never or sometimes via intercourse alone.
--Optional:  Rapid-fire fuck pounding--yay or nay?
--Optional Plus: If you had to chose, who is the most desirable of the Gigolo gigolos?

I know, they are completely personal questions, so go ahead and comment anonymously if you want. If you're a gay chick, feel free to answer regarding other blunt object penetration.

I'll report back with the results.


*Not true.
(photo source)


Anonymous said...

1. about an inch.
2. rarely. once every five years, maybe.
3. not a big fan.

jenerosity said...

1. Way more, probably 2 inches
2. Never
3. Occasionally, there's a time and place for that
4. Never heard of the show but I think I need to check it out!

Spiffy McBang said...

Wish I could get a clearer picture in my head of the last woman I dated, but I'm pretty sure she was less than an inch and fuck-pounding was like chocolate to her. But just about everything sexual was like chocolate to her.

Wonder what would convice the women in my gaming group to get scientific...

Zannie Q. said...

I want to help you in your research, I really do, but we need to establish some scientific controls. Specifically ( or Spiffily, just as a shout out to the guy above with the chocolatey fuck pounding experience-impressed in spite of myself) I need to know what method we are all going to use to measure. Shall it be the old ruler and mirror down below tactic, which might be painful if performed incautiously, a finger in the general area and then measure the finger, which seems somewhat haphazard and very unsciency. OR should we enlist the help of a trusted friend (or, wait...a RESEARCH ASSISTANT!) and hope he or she doesn't get distracted and rendered senseless by all the splendor that is to be beheld in the glory of our ladybits?
Srsly the heck do you measure that?

Anonymous said...

1. More than an inch
2. Never
3. It can be fun but not a huge fan
4. Never seen the show, but now I am curious!

Anonymous said...

1. Way more than an inch.
2. Never
3. Yay
4. Haven't seen it

I like the fuck pounding even if it doesn't "get me there." This is what I crave during sex, a certain amount of roughness or hard thrusting. The soft stuff and touching is great also, but I can do that on my own. I can't fuck myself hard.

If I had to choose between orgasms and pounding, I'd be torn. Really, I need both.


in bed with married women said...

Zannie Q, yes i'm afraid this is very very unsciencey. horrifically so. i'm just going to go with the thumb method and we'll just have to go with whatever shaky results we come up with. You know, like Monsanto with their research.

Jill Hamilton said...

1. inch-ish.
2. maybe five times in my whole life. that is rounding up. it's biological tyranny I tell you!
3. agree with js above.
4. steven, but only because i am forcing myself to pick one.

Spiffy McBang said...

I'll tell you something, Zannie... coming to sites like this reminds me how lucky I was with her, and that I can't just walk into the next thing I have going and say, "Come and let me give you many, many orgasms, pun intended!" She just may not be built that way.

May I suggest, as a measuring implement, one of those tape measures used to gather measurements for clothes? They're very flexible and, if I remember correctly, made from a soft material.

Anonymous said...

1. way more than an inch, probably nearer to 2
2. Never but close-best chance on top.

Anonymous said...

oops cut of the last post.
3. Dig the pounding even if it doesn't result in the big O
4. not familiar with the show.

Anonymous said...

1. About inch and a half
2. HARD to with the fuck pounding alone but it's still fun :^)
3. Again I enjoy the fuck-pounding but also very much enjoy the manual and oral stimulation as well!!
4. And LUV LUV LUV gigolos!!!

Can't Keep Anything to Myself said...

1. A wee bit more than an inch/thumb?
2. Not always, but fairly frequently I guess compared to what other's are saying.
3. Maybe 50/50? Definitely depends on the mood.
4. Haven't seen it.

Anonymous said...

1) about an inch.
2) rather easily and usually multiple times
3) Rapid-fire fuck pounding--pretty much nay.
4) I don't watch much TV so I haven't seen the show. I'm sure they are all delicious.

Vikki said...

1) way more than an inch. (3 maybe?)
2) never ever never.
3) love it even though it doesn't get me off. Like someone else mentioned, i can't hard fuck myself. :) though fingers and tongues are all good and what I need to come.
4) now I have to find this somewhere to watch, intrigued!

Anonymous said...

1. 1.5in
2. easily. multiple with an experienced partner
3. great for about 30 seconds. then terrible.

Naomi said...

1. about an inch
2. always come easily, no fingers or appliances needed (or even wanted, too distracting from the main event)
3. hate it, it can be painful
4. what is this 'reality tv' of which you speak?

Anonymous said...

1. Just over an inch
2. Almost always
3. Oh yes! But only as part of a mixed tempo performance, wouldn't want it to be the whole thing.
4. You have shows about gigolos? Well lucky ol' you.

Anonymous said...

1. About two inches
2. Rarely and only if I'm on top
3. Oh, hell yes!! But I don't come like this. Just enjoy it for the raw intensity and squishy noises. :)
4. I'm not much of a tv watcher but I may have to make an exception. ;)

Narya said...

1. probably an inch or so?
2. Depends what you mean by "intercourse alone." If you mean "already been warmed up and maybe have had some orgasms via other means," then "always." If you mean "stick it in w/ nothing prior," then no, in part because age (post-menopause) requires it.
3. Sure, once in awhile.
4. Haven't seen it.

As another point of information, because I can also ejaculate w/ a partner who knows how to make it happen, I asked my gyno about it. He drew a nifty diagram showing that the sweet spot, so to speak, is actually pretty large and quite a bit is/can be internal (kind of at the front of the vagina, so not likely to be reached and stimulated properly by a penis, at least not IME). So I'm guessing that the distribution of those nerve endings as well as the external clit part all contribute to whether one comes w/ fucking. (The internal stuff seems to contribute to general pleasure on my part, even if the ejaculation only happens w/ digital stimulation.)

Mrs J said...

1 - probably nearer to 2 inches
2 - never (always have to add my own helping hand)
3 - once in a blue moon by way of variation
4 - not available in NZ (boo hiss)

Although, having said that I'd like to see such a show, by what you've described so far it sounds like Deuce Bigalow would be more of a worthwhile gigolo than those featured on the show. Why on earth would you PAY for a "wham-bam-thank-you-mam" experience?! You can have that with your average man for free, any day of the week. I'm pretty sure you might be on the right track with your throughts that the producers were just showing the sort of sex that they think women would want, based on the porn industry's idea of what good sex is.
If I were going to hire a gigolo, I'd want him to be Mr Charming-Perfection, who made me feel like a goddess, both in and out of bed. Porn-style sex isn't going to cut it.

Anonymous said...

1. just under an inch
2. oh yes, fantastically, but it takes work
3. like it...occasionally love it. According to a few recent partners, I like it harder than most women. News to me.

Anonymous said...

1. Probably less than an inch. Like tip of the thumb to first knuckle, and my hands are little.
2. Almost always. Though it's helpful to have already come a time or two, which also almost always happens.
3. Yeah, I like it. Maybe not all the time, but more often than not.
4. Obviously I'm not watching enough tv.

Anonymous said...

1. about 1.5 inch
2. easily
3. nay

Frizzy said...

1.about a inch
2.I can only orgasm through intercourse, clit stimulation is too intense
3. I love pounding hard anything less is boring I can't feel anything.

Anonymous said...

1. About 1.5 inches
2. Very frequently
3. I'm a fan :)

Hannah Banana said...

1. About 1 & 1/2"
2. Pretty easily, and usually multiple times. Though sometimes not at all
3. Heck YES, I love it! Though building up to it is always best
4. Haven't seen it and I don't have cable

Anonymous said...

1. 2ish incches
2. Never
3. yessssss

Anonymous said...

1. more than an inch
2. never
3. Yay

Will said...

I have a penis and am writing specifically about #3. I'm also an intimacy coach who works primarily with women.

3. The majority of women I work with want a complex experience with a lot of sensual variety, particularly when it comes to their genitals. Pounding is something most people have seen in porn and a lot of people like it, but as noticed above, generally as part of a much broader experience.

Unknown said...

1. more than an inch
2. Never
3. Nay