Thursday, June 14, 2012

Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn

A reader from Long Beach who (whom?*) I will refer to henceforth as the IBWMW West Coast Minister of Porn sent along this missive. "For your files," it read intriguingly, and included a link to...and this is the best part:

Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn

It's a Tumblr blog which is, as the name strongly implies, dedicated to screen shots and/or clips from amateur porn featuring household cats pointedly disregarding the "action" with maddeningly catish indifference. To wit:

Behold my indifference.
 Or don't.
I'm a cat. I don't give a fuck.

But my favorite part of the whole thing was this astute observation from one commenter:

This website is absolutely awesome, especially since cats+porn = 99% of reasons why people go on the internet. I predict a huge success.



*IBWMW Minister of Grammar--please look into this matter.


The Bun said...

The internet is for porn + the tubes are full of cats. I love it. It's like the x-rated offshoot of Get Out Of There Cat (

My funniest sex experience story may be the time that one of my cats jumped up on my back during doggystyle, and just sat there, calmly looking at my boyfriend, like, hey, how's it goin'. Being that my boyfriend is a good cat-dad, he just petted the cat's ears and pushed him off my back, then went back to what he was doing, admittedly while giggling. We made sure our next apartment had a bedroom door that would stay latched shut.

Anonymous said...

It's whom:

in bed with married women said...

Keppie, thank you for whom wisdom.

The Bun, that gives me an idea for a follow-up:
Cats Way Too Into Porn--featuring cats staring with disturbing intensity and interest.

Minister of Cats/Porn needed?

Anonymous said...

Although I am admittedly much more suited for the post of Minister of Grammar, I envy the person who gets to print out business cards bearing the title The Rt. Hon. Minister of Cats/Porn etc. :D

Kelly said...

Hilarious! I love the site.

in bed with married women said...

Keppie, perhaps you could would consider a post as Vice-Minister of Cats/Porn?
The Artist Formerly Known as Bagel Fairy--And it loves you back.

Anonymous said...

I most gleefully accept the position of Vice-Minister of Cats/Porn, and I solemnly swear to assist the Minister in his Cat porn duties whenever and wherever I am able. :D

in bed with married women said...

keppie--And so it Shall Be So! *clapping once smartly*

Anonymous said...

You're like an erstwhile Glinda the Good Witch! Except you assign porn duties and stuff instead of homegrown advice to farmgirls! *is impressed* I will always think of you with a scepter henceforth.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amazing Woman--"to whom I will refer" is probably the most elegant solution.

Dusky said...

I love this website, most pleased it made it onto IBWMW. And yes, my cat has been an indifferent spectator of my bedroom antics. :)