Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In Non-Sexual News

What? You're still reading? Did you misread the headline? It says NON-sexual. Okay, then, you fucking diehard. You're here now. You may as well listen to the rest.

So this morning, I awoke to discover that a delightful reader, T.P. of Putney, Vermont, donated money to the blog. T.P. had never written, commented or in any way made it known that he read and/or liked the blog. But yesterday, T.P. took 4 minutes out of his day (or perhaps 4 minutes out of his evening of drunken Internet donating), pressed buttons, filled out a quick form, and donated some of his own money.

And, damn, it if hasn't made my fucking day.

Outright donations like that of dear T.P. of Putney, Vermont, are exceedingly rare. (I know! Total shock, right? For such top-of-the-line content delivered right to your fucking door. To your fucking door!) Such random donations are so rare that when it does happen, I get filled with love for humanity and life and writing, and I wish to honor the donor somehow. To let them know that their act made a huge difference, gave me the will to live, and whatnot.

My question to you, dear reader, is how should I do that? When a few people donated last month after the post on Google dropping my ass because of my supposed "adult content" (damn, just thinking about it makes me mad AGAIN. We are adults talking about adult things! Not frickin' perverts raping kids behind the school. Fuck! Can't grown people discuss something as innate to being human as.... Crap. I'm sorry, what were we talking about?)

Oh yes, so when those people donated, I wrote them each an email thank you note, but then afterwards, I wondered if that seemed a little skeevy*. After all, the internet is largely an anonymous medium. You don't want someone you've been arguing with over at the Huffington Post showing up at your door to finish the debate. So the whole thank you note thing--I don't know. (If you are one of the people who received such a note, please feel free to let me know--skeevy or not.)

I was also thinking of creating a permanent Supporters of In Bed With Married Women wall of fame/sidebar thing for the blog, but, I'm unsure about this too. After all, donating to a smutty** blog is not the same as bequeathing your estate to the local children's library. Do people really want to be listed publicly as a supporter of IBWMW? Fuck, maybe they do. A lot of people read this thing and you all might be heartened to know that you're not the only sick fuck sweatily entering the IBWMW URL when no one else is home. No, you're part of a community of sick fucks sweatily entering the.... Actually, from what I've seen of the lot of you, you are with a few notable exceptions, smart, funny, lively, perceptive and delightful citizens of the world.

So my question is this: How should I honor/thank donors? Wall of Fame, skeevy thank you note, or some other, much better solution I haven't yet thought of? I bow to your collective wisdom.

*Not actually sure if "skeevy" is a word.  If it's not, invent a definition for it as you see fit.
**Or worse, PORNOGRAPHIC blog, as judged (ever so harshly) by Google.

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From the Mind of a Madman said...

I am sending you an I.O U. right now. Enjoy!!

in bed with married women said...

Madman, I so want to say IOU a thank you, but I will refrain because that's too dumb of joke, even for me.

Unknown said...

Make a supporters list of people "In Bed With" IBWMW?

I'd donate for that. To get in bed. Even theoretically.

Gia said...

Aww I think the emails are sweet, not skeevy. If you knocked on their door to thank them, that might be a little weird. Thumbs up to emails.

Gabi said...

I love this blog. Since I am probably altogether too young for it and I also just discovered it, though, I don't know if I can be classified as a dedicated follower :P
Totally unhelpful, I know. But just wait until I get a credit card. . . :P

in bed with married women said..., actually that's a little bit genius. good thinking, man.
Gia, aw, thanks. ps. skeevy is actually a real word. i know because i went and looked it up.
Gabi, i don't know how old you are but if you are under 18 you have to go away. seriously. you need to be 18 for this blog. see above, "adults talking about adult things" and all that.

Can't keep anything to myself said...

I appreciated the email. Super thoughtful. Not so sure how I feel about the hall of fame idea though. Can't have people knowing the real me is actually a total perv who is a little too obsessed with secks...

Enid Wilson said...

Happy New Year! How about writing a special post for them? They don't need to give you their name when they donate or when you post the post. But you write something they want to read specially. Like some may want to know about blowjob, another about bondage etc.

The Spinster’s Vow

in bed with married women said...

CKATM--One of them was you! I had no idea! And don't worry, I still don't know which one you are so your pervy self is still secret.
Enid--Always having good ideas for me. Thanks! (And btw, you are crazy prolific these days...)

Can't keep anything to myself said...

Haha don't worry. It wasn't one of the big ones.

Anonymous said...

I just recently found your blog while engaging in a hot sweaty affair with a boyfriend of ( are u sitting down?) 41 years ago. We are both ya know married and both so steamy for each other that it makes me insane not to be in his bed! We are still 1551 miles apart, working on getting that down to up close and persona ASAP BUT really enjoying your blog and everything you post. I'm working so I can send you a little donation and maybe we can let you in on how this 41 year old obsession came back around. And yes, he is sleeping (in his head-both of them) with a married woman and I'm perfect for him.

in bed with married women said...

Anonymous--that is fascinating! 41 years! Girl, you have to keep us updated!