Friday, November 17, 2017

The Tipping Point

You know how you throw a buck or two to the coffee lady? If you're feeling flush, pretend I'm the coffee lady, but with delicious words for your soul, man.

(If you are rich and/or drunk when this finds you, consider becoming a monthly patron!)  

xo jill


Anonymous said...

It might be a easier to donate if the name of the blog changed to something a little less likely to raise an eyebrow at home, if you know what I mean. I think your suggestion of Hysterical is excellent.

Jill Hamilton said...

anon--yes, it just goes to "IBWMW" which sounds kinda innocuous. I keep thinking on hysterical. i love it bc it's about funniness but also the necessity of a good fuck. which are pretty much my two guiding life principles. but a ton of people, like, hate it and think it sounds like an affliction. which it is. and that's kinda the point.

the rest of y'all: In other eyebrow raising I am banned from Facebook for 7 because of boobs. if you're gonna die on a hill, why not that one?

anyway, so I am unable to publicly thank Rusty, Tom and Jennifer who have donated!!! Rusty said, "'Shut up and take my money!!!' Because I finally donated to your thingy after years of reading it for free." dark night of the soul temporary averted!

Jill Hamilton said...

anon--separate issue but also true