Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This is only a test

Wish I was here
Fuck, I miss you all. Working to make money blows.  I don't recommend it at all.

Anyway, a few wee things.

1.  Dr. Andrea is in. Now, I am quite sure that every one of you aren't completely free of embarrassing health issues, sexual problems, genital questions and such. This is a chance to get your question answered by a real doctor, for FREE and anonymously (except for all of us, you know, reading about your itchy wiener or whatever). Man--or chick--up and send your question to: jillhamilton001@gmail.com or test out the snazzy new contact form at lower right and let me know if it works.

2.  Expert Predict Sexbots Will Be Part of Our Lives by 2050 is my latest article in DAME magazine. Go on over and give it some love if you will. Worst thing I discovered: Some sexbots are available for RENT.

3.  Some lady sent me this comment/unsolicited advice on Facebook: "Please try to use 'polyandrous' instead of 'slutty'. Thank you."  It was the preemptive "thank you" that got me, as though I'd be heeding her advice. 

4.  Naomi Wolf is now following me on Twitter. Squee.

5.  I was happy to see that some of you bought the aforementioned Naomi Wolf's book  Vagina: A New Biography via the Amazon link at right. Will love to hear what you think. (My 11 year old saw me reading it--as my daughter, this is her cross to bear--and goes, "Hey, what's that book about? VAGINAS?")

6. Someone also used the Amazon link to purchase "Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper, Mega Roll Economy Plus Pack, 27 Count," which means that in that person's brain there is now a tiny, tenuous neurological link between the blog and their mega/plus/ultra toilet paper needs. I am tentatively happy about this.

7.  And speaking of overly dramatic toileting-related product adjectives, my current favorite is Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter.
No more Purina Hot Pockets cat food for you, little kitty
I am not a package designer but, really, trained professionals sat in on probably countless long meetings and not one person thought it was a bad idea to mark up the package with the words "EXTREME URINE & FECES"? In big-ass red letters? We are plenty crass in this country, but I think "odor control" would've worked just fine.

8. 8, 8, I forgot what 8 was for.

9.  Don't forget about your Dr. Andrea question...


(gorgeous photo from Lady Cheeky,)


Anonymous said...

you are a violent femmes fan, I see!

James said...

I like the tent in the picture. I'm an advocate for lot's of tent ventilation. Possibly not so great for mosquito or rain protection though. Sorry 'bout the toiling for bucks unpleasantness. Yuk.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Femmes reference!

Anonymous said...

Yeh! Violent Femmes!

in bed with married women said...

Anonymous, Anonymous and Anonymous, you three (?) should probably hang out.

And James, you're right about the tent. I was blinded by lust and not thinking of practicality at all. ps don't worry about me toiling. It is the least amount of toiling i could possibly do, as is my way.

Jean said...

I've missed you and your interesting entries! Congrats on the Naomi Wolf following.

Oh, and the Sexbot for rent has me cringing. Should we see this as a sign of the economy still recovering? Eek

Working for money does blow :(

in bed with married women said...

Aw, Jean. xoxox I am def. curious about the process of cleaning sexbots post-rental. a few half-hearted swipes with some moist towelettes? for some reason, I picture the employees tasked with that being only marginally conscientious about their duties.

dusky said...

Congrats on the Naomi Wolf following - how exciting!

And yay for me finally having time to read you again. :) I have a very brief pause myself in the horrors of working-for-money. Working does indeed suck. :(