Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Best Comment Ever

I Was a Grade School Nudist ran on Jezebel last month. It was the top story of the day, like it was breaking, headline news. So, not only did I share my shameful secret, I shared the living fuck out of it. Here it is, if you're so inclined: Jezebel--I Was A Grade School Nudist.

There were lots of Jezebel-y comments ranging from thoughtful to completely nitpicky, i.e. this one chick:

"I hope you got permission from your friend to go skinny dipping in their pool. It's one thing to be a nudist at home or the camp site but to do that at someone else's house seems disrespectful," she typed in what I'm quite sure was a nasally high-pitched manner, as she mentally congratulated herself for her rigid rule of always asking friends' permission to skinny dip in their pools.

I read the comment to my pool-having friend--whose name is Heather--and she said, "Jeez! It wasn't like you were sitting naked on my couch eating Cheetos." Which I was most certainly not doing. Primarily because I dislike Cheetos. And having their orange powder dusting my boobs seemed like an undesirable outcome as well. Whatever. The point is: I CAN skinny dip in the pool. Heather said so. Nyah!

Last weekend, despite my admission of pool nudity*, I was again dogsitting for Heather (see above: "nyah") and briefly considered forcing my husband to sit naked-and-Cheeto-eating on her couch so I could take a picture and give it to Heather. It didn't happen because the last dregs of my Appropriateness Filter kicked in and I dimly realized that it was the kind of joke that, if she didn't think it was funny, she would REALLY not think it was funny. Also, I'd have to go to the store and purchase Cheetos and that sounded like a lot of work.

Anyway lots of comments on Jezebel, blah blah blah, but my very very favorite one was one right here on the blog from gentle reader Anonymous:

My wife always forces me to relive my nude childhood when we have guests. I still haven't met another adult who has at least admitted that they went/were dragged to a nudist colony.

My parents still have a yellowed nudie park newsletter where I medalled in the nudie olympics, my totally retracted junk on display after winning a swimming race. Takes me back. 

God, I absolutely LOVE that this photo exists. Surely it must be the Most Embarrassing Photo Ever! Do you have something worse? Well, do you? Bring it on!

I will leave you for now.  Coming next:  Reader Mail.


(photo source)

* If I'm dogsitting at your house, I will go naked in your pool. We may as well get that straight now.


Anonymous said...

hahahah...well you were bound to get a few coming out of the woodwork with that one...
and personally, i prefer to eat my yellow snack treats..well the world really doesnt need to know the whys and wherefores or even the hows....

in bed with married women said...

dan, there was also quite a bit of concern about ticks on usually covered body parts as well. though i find myself concerned about these "yellow snack treats" and need to know more.

Anonymous said...

Food and nudity are always complicated. My mom says whenever having sex and using peanut butter don't use crunchy. It chafes. I have begged her on my knees to stop saying it, but nope -- she continues to share.

JoeinVegas said...

Please, come dog sit at my place, we've got a big pool and the water temp is up to 93f.

JenFromPA said...

You're welcome to naked dogsit at my house anytime, but you should be warned that a) I only have a kiddie pool (though I won't be offended if you choose to lounge in it naked), and b) my dog tends to want to lick usually covered naked parts as you walk by, which is awkward and kind of icky.

Cagey-C said...

I find myself a little confused as to why someone would be concerned about you skinnydipping in a friend's pool. I suppose if it was at an apartment complex, that would be one thing--neighbor concerns and all. But I have to wonder if this was a reflexive hygiene concern, in which case I want to ask: Do you think a swimsuit repels the water from your naughty bits?

Anonymous said...

I remember that article and the comment thread. Actually relatively tame and sensible discussion by Jez standards.