Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Lost and Found List From Furry Weekend Atlanta 2010.

The 2010 Furry Weekend was held at the Hilton in Atlanta. (Much to the surprise, I imagine, of the guests who just happened to book a stay there that weekend). There was a full schedule of activities including classes on fursuit construction, a panel on "Why Anthromorphics?" and, oddly, "DJing 101." There were also sessions of the card game Furoticon, which combines D&D with furry fandom, thus making it the nerdiest game of all time. 

Now, I am down with whatever people want to do sexually.  It's all good, really.  And I'm not trying to judge, even thought one could argue that I totally am judging. But I love exploring fetishes that seem super foreign to me.
This particular fetish is fascinating to me because I so don't get it. Fursuits, to me, are the antithesis of sexy. I mean, the big, goofy cartoon heads, the googley eyes--and surely those suits must smell horrendous. But again that's just me. If the idea of wearing a sexy squirrel costume makes you hot, go to it, man.

And, by the way, if you happened to be at Furry Weekend Atlanta and left something behind, please check this (actual) list from the Lost and Found which includes:
--one white cat tail
--a fursuit eye
--a hacky sack
--a rat
--matted fur
--a bag of knobs

Meanwhile, I will remain fixated on the perplexing questions this list brings up, including:  WTF?...a bag of knobs? Exactly how minuscule is the sub-culture of furries who also play hacky sack? How much matted fur was there to qualify as a "lost and found item" rather than "something to sweep up"?


note: revised in 2016 in attempt to not write such heteronormative CIS BS.  Perhaps successfully, perhaps not.


Anonymous said...

It is apropos that this post was resurrected today. It certainly made my Easter complete!

Unknown said...

OK, seriously. I am eating my dinner while reading this post, and I definitely choked on some cheese bread.

Thank you for!

Cindy said...

I love that an image of the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" DVD shows up under "You might also like" and that one of the labels of this post is "a bag of knobs." Thank you for sharing, and Happy Easter!

katsidhe said...

These people took the expression "fucking like rabbits" a bit too far. Oy.

Ed said...

Now when you say "a bag of knobs", does that mean...

Enid Wilson said...

Your posts always give me such steamy inspiration!

Fire and Cross

Harleyq said...

I was in a hairdresser's convention in the bodypaint exhibit (as a lizard). And although I had my thong on, I was otherwise nude. I have to say it was exciting, being perceived as something other, but I don't think the furtoons do it for me!!

I love that you find these things Jill!!

Kiki said...

DAMN, those furries are weird! Right. Because, no one EVER has sex in a costume at a Star Trek convention, or after a Halloween party.

You're just a prude, posing as a sex blogger!

Jill Hamilton said...

Let's see...
Thanks for all the kind, lovely comments, Tricia, dear Betty, Enid, Katsidhe, and Ed. I swear to (insert your deity here) that you 5 have each given me a comment at JUST the right time on JUST the right day that cheered my sorry ass up. So take the rest of the day off, your work here is done.
Cindy, I didn't realize just how wise "You might also like..." really is. It makes me happy that you noticed how funny that was.
Fa., thanks for the impersonal spam!
Harleyq, I get the whole "self as other thing" and love that you experienced it. The comment above about the comment-making-my-day-thing applies to you as well.
And dear Kiki, I hope you'll re-look at the paragraph where I'm saying whatever anyone wants to do is a-okay and whatnot. My point was that what is hot times to some is bewildering to others. In this case, furrydom, to me. So, okay, fine, you are right, I am a furry prude... Though now, oddly, I feel sort of bad about it.

G said...

"Anyway, last year's Furry Weekend was held at the Hilton in Atlanta in March. (Much to the surprise, I imagine, of the other guests who just happened to book a stay there that weekend)."

You ain't kidding. I was there! I was in Atlanta on assignment and Disney booked me a room at the hotel that happened to be hosting the furry convention. I guess it's kind of appropriate, given how many furry characters Disney has foisted on us over the years. But then I don't recall ever seeing Meeko getting it on with Thumper.

I've seen some weird scenes in my time, but that hotel was beyond the reaches of the twilight zone ...

I was pretty pissed off that the hotel didn't segregate the critters and at least reserve a floor entirely for non-costumed human beings. There were furries scurrying up and down the hallway at all hours. On the first night, I had to break up the party in the room next door at about 1:30 a.m. When I knocked and opened their door (they had the latch on so it was ajar) to ask how much longer the festivities would be continuing, it was like encountering a bunch of deer gazing into headlights. Security came about 20 minutes later (not at my behest) to threaten eviction. Flaps were secured and the party ended soon afterward.

There are other stories as well, but since I'm trying to scrub them from my memory bank, it's best that I don't record them here.

Unknown said...

I love everything about this post. Carry on.