7 Ways To Get In Good--Real Good--With In Bed With Married Women

1. Comment freely and often. It's the variety of voices and opinions that make it interesting around here. And if you're a big wuss, you can always comment anonymously.
2. Donate using the terrifically handy "Donate" button there in the right margin. It's like I'm your barista and you're tipping me, except I don't give you any coffee.  (Please donate, please oh please oh please. I don't want to stop doing In Bed get a job as a stinkin' technical writer. Um, no offense to technical writers. Keep up the good work!)
3. Become a fan of In Bed With Married Women Facebook page. (And recommend it to your friends if you're feeling especially gregarious.)
4. Tell your friends about the blog. (Sample conversation suggestion: "I don't care for such smut, but you're kind of a perv--perhaps you would like it.")
5. Share your story. Tell us about your worst sexual experience, that time you did it with a panda and a mountain goat, your best lover ever--whatever, we're into it.

And finally, if you're too damned lazy to do any of the above, two super-easy, no-skin-off-your-back ways to contribute financially (see above: technical writer, fear of becoming) are:

6. Use this link or the Amazon search box on In Bed With Married Women for your Amazon.com orders. (Amazon gives In Bed an infinitesimally tiny cut of each purchase.)
7. Use the links on the In Bed With Married Women page to purchase your various and sundry sex paraphernalia from super cool, eco-friendly, pro-sex San Francisco company, Good Vibrations.

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